Volunteer & DOnate

Thank you to all of the volunteers who contribute thousands of hours of time, skills, and expertise. The Center appreciates the generosity of time and talents which are highly valued.

The ministry runs on volunteers; many diverse roles are essential to support our programs, maintenance, medical programs, migrant personal care programs, ministry, and Board of Directors.  We will match your skills and expertise to our needs—there’s a place for everyone.


If you would like to become a volunteer at the Hartville Migrant Ministry, please fill out the Volunteer Application. If you would like to volunteer as a medical professional in our clinic, please fill out the Medical Volunteer Application. You may also contact our Volunteer Coordinator at hmcvolunteercoord@gmail.com for more information on becoming a volunteer.

The Hartville Migrant Ministry appreciates the generous donations from congregations, corporations, foundations, and individuals who want to help our ministry. Financial donations, non-used goods, services, and volunteer hours are gratefully accepted. All donations are tax deductible. The Hartville Migrant Ministry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donors may also designate Hartville Migrant Ministry to receive all or a portion of their pledges to the United Way of Greater Stark County through payroll deduction.

As an interdenominational faith-based organization, your prayers and wishes for our continued mission are greatly appreciated.

Donations are used to support our programs, including the April through October operation of the Hartville Migrant Center, its office staff, and program support personnel.