The Hartville Migrant Ministry Medical Clinic is the oldest standing free clinic for migrants in Ohio. The need for health services to migrant and seasonal farm workers was the basis for developing the ministry. The Migrant Medical Clinic operates as a multi-service walk-in free clinic where volunteer medical professionals provide high-quality medical service to migrant and seasonal farm workers in Hartville, Ohio.

Every spring, the Hartville Medical Center opens its doors to over 350 migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families. The lifestyle of migrant farm workers makes it difficult for them to access healthcare when they need it. Many migrants have limited financial resources and do not speak English, do not have a telephone or automobile, and are not aware of how to access healthcare while here in Ohio. Long working hours and tight living conditions in the farm camps also contribute to health problems for the farm workers.

The Clinic is an on-site acute, chronic, and preventative medical center. Our services are provided in cooperation with Aultman Hospital, Aultman North Canton Medical Group, Malone University, Stark County Health Department, Walsh University, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Kent State University Spanish Department, volunteer primary care, specialty physicians, and volunteer nurses from the community.

Aultman Health Foundation provides medical services several days a week with family medicine residents in training.

Aultman North Canton Medical Group provides medical services such as pediatrics, family practice, internal medicine, and specialized care.

Stark County Health Department staff offers a wide variety of services, including immunizations and women’s health.

Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and Malone University contribute support while also providing educational opportunities for their students.

Kent State University Spanish Department offers graduate students bilingual and bicultural interpreters who assist during clinic hours to allow the center to provide the best quality of care.