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Did you know?

The Hartville Migrant Ministry houses the oldest free medical clinic in Ohio and possibly the oldest medical facility in the United States dedicated to treating migrant farmworkers. And in 2022 our clinic provided nearly half a million dollars worth of medical care to migrant farmworkers and their families thanks to generous donors like YOU! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hartville Migrant Ministry located?

Our center is located at 3980 Swamp St NE in Hartville, Ohio. Our building is an old farmhouse conveniently located at the center of the three farms which we serve. 

Who does the Hartville Migrant Ministry serve?

The center’s services are available to Hartville’s seasonal migrant farmworkers and their families. Each year, around 200 migrants come to Hartville to work across three different farms, planting, tending and harvesting the produce. The families usually arrive in Hartville during late April and stay until mid-late October. During the winter months they migrate south for work or return to their homes in Mexico and other Central American countries.

Where do the migrants live when they’re in Hartville?

Majority of the migrants live on the farms in camps with a shared restroom, laundry room and showers. 

Does the Center play a role in which migrants come during the growing season?

No. This decision is solely up to the farm owners, and oftentimes the center does not know which migrants will be returning until they show up. The center is not involved in the work of the migrants, only supporting them and improving their quality of life while they’re in Hartville.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for generous community members to donate their time, talents and treasures! If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our Get Involved page!

How does the Free Clinic work?

Medical services are offered to all migrants and their families, at no cost. The costs of care are covered by grants and generous donations from individuals and organizations. If off-site care is needed, our doctors will refer patients to one of our many community medical partners. Our on-site doctors and nurses are predominantly volunteers, and must have an active practicing license. There is always at least one Spanish interpreter on-site when the clinic is open.