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Reading Program $5 Gift Cards Needed!

We’re not going to let a pandemic stop our library program, but we need your help! We’re working to develop a distanced version of our summer reading program to help increase literacy and academic engagement with the kids we serve. We need help providing incentives, especially for our 10-17 year olds. If you have any teenagers in your life, then you know few things are more incentivizing than ice cream, pizza, fast food, and coffee!

You can help make this program a success by donating $5 gift cards to places like: Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Wedny’s, Domino’s Pizza, and Starbucks. We’ll happily give out gift cards to any pizza, fast food, coffee, and ice cream places, but keep in mind that the businesses listed above are places in Hartville, making them more easily accessible to our community!

You can mail gift cards to:

Hartville Migrant Ministry

P.O. Box 682

Hartville, OH 44632

Or: You can donate online with Paypal (Donate with Paypal link below), please just make note that you are donating toward Gift Cards.

Thank you for your support!