The Hartville Migrant Ministry offers a variety of programs and services to the migrants.  These programs are a success with the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.


C BISHOP MURRY MASS 1st COMM & FIESTA 8-29-10-2078MINISTRY PROGRAM: The migrant ministry program continues to be of central importance at the Hartville Migrant Center.  This program focus continues to be faith-based rather than denomination-based. The program fosters and strengthens the spiritual life of the migrant workers and their families, including pastoral care, the administration of the sacraments, Bible study, the Christian education of children and young people and the gathering for corporate worship.



TBV_5077MEDICAL PROGRAM: The Hartville Migrant Ministry has an on-site free clinic for the migrant workers and their families during the growing season.  A wide variety of medical services are provided under the leadership of Dr. Teresa Wurst and in cooperation with Aultman North Canton Medical Group and Stark County Health Department.  Medical clinic services are provided by a large group of dedicated medical professionals and students from nearby universities including  Malone University, Walsh University, Northeast Ohio Medical University, and Kent State Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies.


8HOSPITALITY PROGRAM:  The Hospitality program shows kindness to the migrant workers and their families.  They plan activities, programs, and events that bring a sense of community and support to the families including distributing welcome bags, picnics, book bag/school supplies, and offering various children’s activities throughout the growing season.



154EDUCATION: The Hartville Migrant Ministry provides education, childcare, and well-being for the migrant community, especially children and youth.  The Education Committee collaborates with the Marlington Local Schools and Texas Migrant Council regarding issues of education, youth programming, GED, ESL and IWP.  After school and summer programs provide safe, fun and educational activities for migrant children.  The Marlington Local School District provides summer school for the children including transportation to and from school. The   Immigrant Worker Project provides Adult Education English, GED and Citizenship classes offered in collaboration with the Migrant Ministry. Outreach and social assistance services are provided in conjunction with the Immigrant Worker Project.


c HMC building repair 5-7-77-2272PROPERTY MAINTENANCE: The Property committee at Hartville Migrant Ministry is responsible for the oversight, maintenance, and protection of the property, building, and equipment of the Migrant Center.  Normally, this is a reactive group that responds to the physical needs of the property, building and equipment for small projects.  Committee members have support teams from their respective churches or skilled trade organizations that may call on competent community volunteers to assist the project(s) at hand.  Project requests come from the Property Chairperson, Coordinator of Services, other Standing Committees or Board members to help the facilities to meet the needs of the migrant families in the area before, during, and after the regular growing season.  Window washing, seasonal floor waxing,painting, and small repairs are typical projects.  Larger projects with expensive over $150, such as septic system upgrade, a new furnace or a new property fence require coordination with the Board for payment and timely execution.