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Si usted desea leer sobre el Hartville Migrant Ministry, presione en los siguientes enlaces para encontrarnos en las noticias:


Growing Season: The Life of a Migrant Community
Migrant Workers in Ohio
Fields of Change – Kent State Faculty and Students Care for Migrant Farmers
Hartville Migrant Ministry – NEOMED
Hartville Migrant Center marks 50 years of service
2009 Newsletter
Hartville Migrant Center Seeking Volunteers
The Ashtabula Arts Center
Ohio Arts Council
Friends First Church
2010 You Tube video
The Face of American’s migrant workers
National and local organizations that serve migrants
Migrant Clinician Network: http://www.migrantclinician.org/
The National Center for Farmworkers Health: http://www.ncfh.org/
The Catholic Migrant Farmworkers Network: http://cmfwn.org/
National Farm Worker Ministry: http://nfwm.org/